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Welcome to Ayezee Casino.com! The number one website for the best recommendations of online casino's, best bonus deals but also highly valued casino's on the internet where you can play when and how you want. Most of these casino's do offer slots with highest possible RTP (Return to player) but also a selection of real live games such as blackjack, roulette, monopoly, crazy time & much more. Or what about the best slots with highest volatility such as dead or alive & more? As a new visitor on AyezeeCasino.com you are assured to signup with real casino's that are legit, follow high quality guidelines and more important pay when you want to withdrawl your winnings! Are you ready?

Megaslot Online Casino - € 500 worth of value upon registration

Megaslot - Competetive & Real!

Megaslot provides a new concept to the existing market and offers players a fair chance to hitting games big. With a large selection of games from various providers such as pragmatic, netent, bigtime gaming & even selection of real live games such as Crazy Time & more being the ultimate casino. Check it out and register for € 500 with 225+ free spins. This deal does'nt last long so be quick at Ayezee Casino.com!

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Cocos Online Casino - 55% bonus deal

Cocos Casino - New & Exciting!

Cocos casino does'nt sound like a A grade brand but looks can be deceiving! With a large selection of best providers such as BTG, Nolimit City, Pragmatic, Push Gaming & much more your guaranteed to enjoy some playtime with only the best selection of casino slots & live games. Register now and get the best deals. VIPS can get up to € 2500 of deposit bonus added to their account. Try it now and play!

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Megaslot VIP Club - high rollers casino

Mega VIP Club - High Rollers Casino!

For high rollers the Megaslot sub is what you are looking for! High casino deals based on your deposit (first or frequent time) is an absolute thing to check out. With various selection of live & real games. This casino offers a fast payout and accepts payments in various methods. Signup today to get the most exclusive VIP high roller deal out there. We recommend verifying your account upon signup.

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Maxcazino - Up to € 1000 signup bonus

Maxcazino - Up to € 1000 signup bonus!

Maxcazino is a new player in town and provides real & legitimate gambling. A casino that accepts BTC for example but also the most common payment options out there. With Maxcazino you can get up to € 1000 first time deposit bonus which greatly extends your playing time hitting for high limit based slots or live games. Check it out and be the first to discover. This deal only available with Ayezee Casino.com.

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Jeroen's Gambling - a high limit slots channel on youtube

Jeroen's Gambling - High Limit Youtube

Most public streamers take deals, and show a unrealistic gambling experience since it does'nt cost them anything at all. Casino's often provide these streamers with pre-funded accounts. One is just better at hiding it then the other. On this youtube channel you'll see real (big) wins from various slot games which leads up to amazing 26000x video's posted. Subscribe & be up to date with real cash!

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Unislots.com - a new casino with a dozen of fantastic providers

Unislots - Up to 21% Cashbacks Daily!

Frequent gamblers often want to have the best deals possible such as cashbacks. This casino offers a 21% cashback on daily basis meaning that if your a big player you can get refunded or reloaded on daily basis. Check out this new with fantastic providers such as Pragmatic, Bigtimegaming, Evolution & much more. They also offer a savings program which you can convert into free spins or cash.

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Word On Populair Streamers


At our official website we will collect, gather and list only the best representative casino's on the world-wide market which offer not just a excellent selection of casino games but also provide slots with the highest RTP, real & genuine live games and the best (free) bonus offerings of choice. Even VIP players who spend lots of time or funds in online casino's can enjoy the large selection of these brands and expect lots of goodies when rolling high. We also take a deep dive into the complaints about casino's and factor this in the listing of our top 50 best casino's worldwide. If you have any questions please do not hassitate to contact Ayezee Casino. We will respond to you within 24 hours with a personal message.


All the casino's above listed are licenced, which means the brand or establishment is governed by authorities. Cheating for a casino is out of the question since they could lose their license and the financial risk for this is just too great. If the casino does hold a house edge, which is common in all the provided games you can find, then why would they jeopardise that for a short amount of pennies in comparison to what they could make on the long run? The answer is obvious to this one. There are alot of unlicenced casino's or licenced casino's that take zero to none player protection or even paying out it's customers for various and often, bogus reason. Let's just focus on the good brands and casino's on the internet.


About These Online Casino's


It is personally frustrating when your a non-streamer and you have to fetch in on the best deals provided by several casino's on the net. We're not here to entice you to gamble or provide you with a casino that would just give you loss after loss after loss in favor of the streamers balance at the end of the month. No we still believe that the market is very competetive and streamers should just be completely ignored for the fact imposing a play thats just unrealistic to start with (100$ bets anyone?). These streamers are often funded by casino's and everything such as a shared bitcoin adress is often provided. They mimmick payments, withdrawls and deposits being real, but it's not.


This unfair advantage sets these streamers in some sort of test or developers mode when playing on the casino. The RTP seems on steroids for most slots and especially pragmatic is the brand thats often promoted by these streamers. Are they rigged? Not really. But they dont show what truely is going on behind the scenes. Streamers have zero to none interest in explaining let alone showing it's viewers others then whats in their interest. If you question this you will often be banned from the channel by moderators and have zero to none chance for any appeal. Dont waste or bother your time in trying to prove the obvious. At the end of the day it's all a show and the winnings are'nt real.


Register And Get Great Deals!


What does matter as a regular punter, player or lover of casino's or gambling in general, is getting the best out of your experience or simply put money can buy. Use our website with above deals to get the best packages with up to 200% deposit bonus when signing up. These packages often combine free spins on various slots of choice, but also your deposit doubled which increases the time you have hoping to hit something big. We all like and love gambling. Why not team up with people who do their homework and provide you the best? Most websites such as casinogrounds or casinomeister promote rogue casino's that often have a track record full of complaints on various sources on the net.


Player winnings being denied, account verification gone wrong, documents not in check, a huge and extreme delay in between, a non responsive live chat or people who dont know what they are talking about. We've seen it all. Stick with casino's that have the best reputation, are good to you, and not enticed by streamers who right before their contract start saying how another casino is suddenly much better. Streamers are, and we're reffering to the ones taking misleading deals and create a false representation con artists who would even take underaged viewers to signup and gamble their money away. Yes, the streaming business has become dirty and one after another falls for the same practice.


Complaint About A Casino?


Obviously the ones to blame are the one with virtually no jurisdiction and having huge marketing budgets to litterally con viewers into signing up and playing their funds away. The ones who got out ahead never got paid and got their account closed for no good reason obviously. We're tired of these paid actors who never seen or had any real job in life other then doing what they seem to do best. When the affiliation business would collapse, most of these (fake) streamers would be gone in a heartbeat. So what is the deal on Ayezee Casino? Simply and straight forward listing & selection of exclusive and best casino's out there that are worth giving a shot. We list and highlight these for you.


We recommend you to stick within your budgets, and aim for games that are populair, often played, but also have a high volatility if your bankroll allows it. Think of titles such as Dead or Alive, Jamming Jars, Book of Dead, Legacy Of Dead, Pink Elephants but also Release The Kraken & much more. Live games are cool to play too, but realise the big big wins dont come in quite that often and it takes lots of patience and funds. Feel free to send us your recommendation in and let us know. We will be happy to list your favourite & high quality game of choice on these online casino's. Please be aware signup is only possible from 18 and above, and you need to prove your identify when cashing out.


Casino's In Your Country


We highlight, list and sort the best (worldwide) casino's for you for both european, american and middle east selection of gambler. Wether you a low roller, a true high limit player, there's best offerings in above selection of brands & newcomers in the market that offer the best value with highest form of entertainment value. You can register of choice and deposit using populair methods for this. Check it out in the above selection of casino offerings. The list of top casino's can be changed occasionally. We do not encourage to use a VPN in order to play on a casino that normally is forbidden in your country. It can be problematic upon withdrawl since this is a breach of terms & conditionss.


Some streamers advocate the use of VPN; we advise you not to. Some day your access to your account with your balance could be trashed due to a change in the casino platform. So make sure to stick with good and loyal casino's that do have a license for what they do and is allowed in your country. When you initially register we advice you to finish your account validation as uploading of documents such as passport, ID, drivings license, proof of adress and such are common. A screenshot of your payment towards the casino to confirm your transfer is also required. When your good to go your free to play at these casino's. So make sure to enjoy your stay with our Top Ayezee Casino's.com.


Gamble Responsible & Know Your Limits


At all times gambling should be a fun and entertaining quest. Because of the nature of slots or live games in general, please remember that winning is not infinite and never a daily returning guarantee. Games are tested and qualified with various mathematic models and a RNG (Random number generator) as it makes it difficult to predict the next outcome. Combine this with slots that do carry a high volatility, and you have a recipe for potential problem gambling. People bet or spend more then they could afford, and lose faster due to the nature of these slots. When you feel it's getting out of hand, please take a break. Set limits, and perhaps seek professional help if you cannot get over problem gambling.


Streamers eventually pay the price for their ridiculous betting behaviour and even daily base streaming. It's not healthy for a human mind to gamble in such intense streaks. Since they are most of the time being funded with funds from the casino, there's virtually not alot of risk for them as it would be for real gamblers or players. Dont let them fool you otherwise. Follow your own guts, make your own adventure, and perhaps unsubscribe from these folks who glorify gambling to people younger then 18 years, doing 100$ spins on a hourly basis. It's virtually impossible and even a millionaire would not keep up on the long run. For professional help please consider your local guide for more info.


How Top Tier Streamers Are Doing It?


Imagine a high end streamer, playing hours and hours a day, and winning even in the millions on weekly basis. Are you interested on how they are doing it? The deal is pretty simple, since we got a hold of such a contract provided by populair casino's and a known streamer. The casino pretty much pays for exclusive promotion of their casino. Streamer gets a huge salary out of this depending on the viewing hours, following base and so on, and a part of the contract states that at least 40 to 50% has to flow back into the casino doing "real deposits". Anything the streamer wins and gets ahead with, is for him depending on the type of the deal. If you think about it, its relatively safe for the streamer.


At the end of the day top streamers like ayezee, roshtein, xposed etc can pretend any transparancy going on in their channel, while it's actually the casino paying the streamer for this promotion. We believe it's to bypasss any of the legislation since free funds provided seems to be an issue. None of these streamers will ever play open card either, about such deals, because that would nuke the idea that these streamers are so wealthy with gambling. The truth is, the affiliates and avg joe who support these streamers, are the one paying for this circus. Please be aware not to trust any of these high end streamers anymore. They are fraudulent and it's a complete mispresentation. They are still funded!


Best Casino Deals You Will Find Here!


If you are looking for best ayezee casino's dont look further! Our list of online casino's offer high service, excellent VIP threatment but also top deals to make you feel right at home when your looking for quality slots or live games of choice. You can instant register, deposit and play when you want to. For maximum result we advise you to read the terms and conditions (before signing up to any casino that is) and head for a verified account status. From there on withdrawls or payments are processed extra fast and trustworthy. The casino's at Ayezee suit only the players who seek for the best. Enjoy your gambling and do not spend more then you can afford. Have a great time on these casino's!


If your interested in more gambling related stuff we recommend you visiting our links overview. The top 15 consists of interesting & good websites you can visit for free. Keep an eye out for our website, we will update this more frequently.